Partners & Links


Here are some of the networks and organisations that I collaborate with. (With links below the text)

Member and co-founder of This network is made up of some of Sweden’s most well-established wedding photographers, who have come together through a shared passion for wedding photography.

SFF (Svenska Fotografers Förbund)

Member of The Swedish Association of Professional Photographers, SFF


I have been a part of Fotografiska in various capacities for several years, as a teacher, workshopleader, working with the Fotografiska Academy course development and also as their photographer.

Way Up North Podcast

For two seasons I hosted the Way Up North podcast. I had conversations with the presenters at Way Up North, speaking to some very interesting photographers from different corners of the world.

Fotograferna på Hamngatan

Co-owner of the studio Fotograferna på Hamngatan in Vaxholm.