I love LOVE
I have photographed weddings for almost 20 years now (so yes, since I was about 5 years old), and I still tear up at the ceremonies and speeches. I am probably addicted to the rush of love I get when I am part of a couple's wedding. Addicted to hearing those words that remind me that love really is the most powerful force there is. I know, I'm a total softie, but I do believe it makes me a better photographer.

I think it's important to capture the sum of all parts in a wedding. The story, the surroundings, the details, the couple, the portraits, the meetings, the moments. This collection of things is what makes my couples also remember the day that they never want to forget.

I would be honored to be given the wonderful task of photographing your wedding, whether it be a small intimate affair or big party with everyone you know, so drop me a line and tell me a bit about what you are looking for.